Pay at the smartphone, please

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mobile payments via smartphone mpowa

When I was at university there was a small corner shop selling vegetables, fruit and a few kitchen essentials – bread, butter, cans of pop. A sale was always facilitated via cash. Card payments were … Read More

Ling Valentine keynote

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ling valentine lings cars ling vader

Ling Valentine isn’t as crazy as she looks. She is a madcap ecommerce genuis. Plus she’s mega friendly (I’ve LINGO’d with her). The owner of Lings Cars, super successful and a little bit scary car … Read More

The year 3991

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civilisation ii future

What does the future look like? Will humans still be around? What countries will exist? What technology will humans be using? Will we be using iPhone’s to shop online or will our brains be plugged … Read More

Internet Explorer 999.1

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IE 999.1 Google Analytics browser

Time travellers visited me this week. Not in a winged DeLorean or a cranky old machine, but via the internet. In their distant land, perhaps on another planet, years removed from the bust and … Read More

Facebook Reach

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Hover for Facebook status reach

“How many people has that last status update reached so far?” “One sec – I’ll just check… would you like that broken by organic and viral reach?”

Should blogs prepare for the cookie and privacy law?

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Cookies law changes at the ICO

On 26th May 2012 UK law requires compliance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011, which were amended in May 2011 to align with the EU In a nutshell this law … Read More

As Seen On ASOS

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ASOS vs B2W spot the difference

Here’s a game. Open up URL number 1 in a browser, then URL 2 in a separate tab. URL 1 URL 2 Then use CTRL+Tab to scroll between the tabs. Slowly, at first. Then faster, … Read More

Just another IE Monday

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Google Chrome App Store

An interesting article in Figaro Digital this week, highlighting the cat and mouse game of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Google’s browser is expected to permanently steal the top spot from Internet Explorer at the … Read More

Samantha Brick: fool or genius?

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Samantha Brick

Is Samantha Brick a fool or a genuis? There’s little doubt her article bemoaning her own beauty was misguided, whether because you disagree with her high regard for her looks, or detest her abysmal view … Read More

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