I can’t help but feel sorry for all the people who think that Carlsberg’s latest football related advert is one of their best adverts yet. Perhaps I’m being a bit quick to judge, but all the people who say they like it aren’t what I’d call ‘real’ football fans.

Carlsberg’s ad campaign tries desperately to recreate the epic pre-match team talk – those team talks that in reality rarely exist, but that everyone wants to hear about. And let’s not beat around the bush…it starts very well.

During the first viewing I nearly forgave Carlsberg all sins based on their inclusion of Jackie Charlton on the ad. But then Clive Woodward, Ian Botham and Phil ‘the Power’ Taylor turn up, and suddenly the once fashionable Danish beer brand has gone from credible football sponsor to bandwagon-sleaze-artist in one fell swoop. “Let’s throw as many celebrities into a 3 minute commerical as possible and cross our fingers for multi-national $$$ sales”, says their “I’m a listener marketing manager”. Fuck you, non-listener.

The trouble is, that Carlsberg actually have a great heritage  of *good* football ads. Their ‘pub team’ success of 2006 is amongst one of the best football ads ever aired – even if that is largely reliant on the inclusion of Bobby Robson and a good script.

Unfortunately Carlsberg’s recent ads are nothing short of alienating for the real fan. If their business/marketing objectives are met, then fair enough. But I for one, want more from Carlsberg given their advertising heritage.

Bar the Carlsberg ‘Old Lions’ ads only Nike have come close to engaging with football fans on a one to one basis, and each time that is through real footballing passion rather than fake Nationalistic bandwagon-ism. Between Parklife, Airport and Battleship, Nike have made ads that not only appeal to the British psyche but will remained engrained for generations.