Time travellers visited me this week. Not in a winged DeLorean or a cranky old machine, but via the internet.

In their distant land, perhaps on another planet, years removed from the dot.com bust and boom, it turns out they still rely on the internet for shopping.

And what browser do they use?

Internet Explorer!

Internet Explorer IE 999.1

Yes, in the future, at a point unimaginable to most web developers, Microsoft have maintained a slither of market share.

It’s taken a long time though. Internet Explorer has gone through almost one thousand iterations. Seemingly, perfection still eludes them though, and the internet explorers of the future eagerly await the next update, from IE 999.1 to IE 999.2

I’m led to believe the latest version will close a few loops in the space-time continuum.


IE 999.1 Google Analytics browser